A Few Rocks and Trees


In our first week in Bend, we managed to find a great place to call home in a 1920s cottage in town just a mile from the future store–not an easy task given Bend’s insane rental market. Problem was we couldn’t move in until March and it was still the first week of February. Since we had some time to kill we decided to go see a bit more of our new Northwest home.

Visiting Grants Pass, Oregon

We ended up staying with this great couple that lived on this amazing property in Grants Pass. Calm, quiet, serene, and the perfect base camp for adventuring. It was time to go see some trees. The enormity of these little trees is hard to convey so I’ll just leave this here…

Redwoods Panoramic

That just had to be done. This is the Jedediah Smith Redwoods in Northern California where we spent an entire day hiking until we could barely walk anymore.

Boy Scout Tree

The Boy Scout Tree is a thing… up a little unmarked side trail to a tree that makes all the others envious. Then on to Fern Falls and the end of the trail…

Fern Falls

A meditative place for lunch and a restorative break before heading back. With the woods behind us we had to have a look at the southern Oregon Coast before heading back to the High Desert.

Oregon Coast

Where there were a few rocks. And some water.

Sunset at Coast

And a fairly epic way to end a weekend.