How Did I Get Here

On the Road, Moving to OregonSusan posted her thoughts first over on her Green Bird Press blog here – this is my take.

We needed a change. Change of scenery. Change of lifestyle. Change of career. Denver is an interesting city, we had a great house, and of course all of our friends were there but we had set our minds to opening a game shop and had to find the right place for our business and the right place for our family regardless of where that took us. In January, 2015 we sold our house and set off west moving to Oregon.

Road to Salt Lake

First  real stop found us outside Salt Lake City only as a place to sleep for the night before making the voyage to see Robert Smithson’s seminal Spiral Jetty.

Sunrise at Spiral

Leaving the hotel in Ogden early we made it down the rutted dirt road–seen in the first image of this post–in the dim light of dawn to arrive at our destination just as the sun rose over the mountain range.

Spiral Jetty

Completed in 1970 out of 6,000 tons of basalt this earthwork laid hidden under water for most of the last 40 some odd years. As an art professor, this was a pilgrimage that I have wanted to take for a very long time.

Tiny Epic at Modern

After leaving Utah behind we made our way to Boise, visited the small but excellent game shop All About Games downtown before having drinks and playing Tiny Epic Kingdoms at the fittingly named Modern Hotel.

Working our way into Oregon on a cold overcast day, we stopped off at the John Day Fossil Beds

John Day Oregon

It was like arriving on another planet.

Painted Hills Oregon

Hiking through the painted hills with barely another soul in sight and only the songs of a few birds to remind us where we were. It was such a surreal experience and what a way to transition to our new home.


John Day